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  1. Karen Watson

    !We have stayed here for our Anniversary before and are very much looking forward to our next stay!

  2. Roger Miller

    Can’t wait for some Crappie fishing

  3. TAmi southard

    Stayed there beautiful!

  4. Michelle Gammons

    We have stayed here before and Loved it!!

  5. Melanie Bock

    It’s our home away from home! Every staff member takes excellent care of you!!! They treat you like family! The cabins (and I mean all, we’ve stayed in many) are clean and ready! We suggest everyone visit! It’s relaxing, a beautiful area, and more to do than one thinks!!! So stay at Patoka 4 Seasons and see the sites, antique, ski, go cart, there’s caves and FISHING!!! You’ll find even more. You will love their cabins!

  6. Debra Brown

    Please send specials

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