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We will absolutely be recommending Patoka 4 Seasons Resort to others giving you a “raving” review on Angie’s List and trip Advisor. You have a beautiful property and cabins; yet here is why we would recommend& and return&rave about your resort. 1. Your property is impeccably  clean no trash & well maintained. 2. Your cabins are spotless! The cleaning seems to go above and beyond beginning with the tables being set,towels arranged artfully coffee machines/ pots and pans are so clean  they look almost new. 3. The grill and fire pits are so clean they almost look new as well! 4. Your pool is spotless—not  a single piece of trash or debris to be found. 5.Your staff has some  of  the most friendly and considerate people we have come across(including some 4 star hotels!) Thank you for all that you do! Blessings  The Nutt Family

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  1. Cathy Smith

    We spent 2 nights in a cabin and we loved patoka lake. Every one was very friendly and helpfful. Cabins were very clean and comfortable. They also have a Kureg coffee in the office!!! I am planning to go back again! Had a great Time!

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